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Order of the Eastern Star

Alabama Grand Chapter

Order of the Eastern Star

Alabama Grand OES Officers for 2017-2018

Grand Office
Honor Day
Lisa Gay (455)
June 09
Joe Owen (348)
June 02
Associate Grand Matron
Patsy Shirley (455)
February 03
Associate Grand Patron
T. David Jordan 
February 17
Grand Secretary
Elaine Springsteen (348)
April 28
Grand Treasurer
Faye Hood-Stewart, PGM, GGCCC (197)
Grand Conductress
 Donna McGee (207 & 127)
March 24
Associate Grand Conductress
Nance DiPiero 
February 10
Grand Chaplain
Amy Shirley 
April 14
Grand Marshal
Denise Dennis 
May 12
Grand Organist
Tracy Hughes 
March 10
Grand Adah
Betty Lewis 
May 26
Grand Ruth
Jolene Wells 
March 17
Grand Esther
Whitney Fadell 
May 03
Grand Martha
Robin Jackson 
March 03
Grand Electa
Sherri Frederick 
February 24
Grand Warder
Charles Killough 
April 07
Grand Sentinel
Marvin Harris 
 April 21

General Grand Chapter Appointments 2015-2018

Member of the Cancer Committee
Ginger Owen, PGM
Chairman of the ESTARL Committee
Faye Hood Stewart, PGM
Member of the Heart Committee
Dewey Mixon, PGP
Member of the Membership Committee
Carl Pyron, PGP
Member of the Support for our First Responders Committee
John Stewart, PGP